i rarely share about the amazingness happening in my kitchen on thursdays... lately, we have been having such an incredible time that i wanted you to feel it too... the intimacy that begins to rumble when women, food & beauty come together is so special... it takes real courage for us to seek this gathering and embrace our desire for it...and then the actual getting in the car to start driving towards it is where the self-care piece begins... tearing away from the normal, day to day chaos that is life right now is so hard and yet so so vital to our body, our cells, our family, the list is a long one.

on the drive, there is a specific quiet,the beginning of something about to happen.... the yearning to be together gets turned on as does your self-compass navigating towards something that is unknown, something that will feed you (really unknown to most of us)....and as the women drive to my hearth, i prepare for the story, creating the beauty & holding the space that will sate us for a few hours. this energy is so special, it's so many things. it feels like everything.

here are some swatches from the the last 2 classes... summer is an incredible time to gather because most of the work is done by the bread knife... we are mainly chopping & cutting open... not as much heat is on (except for in us). there is a lot of simple sweetness to sit & devour. please join us if you are so inspired, i will be offering classes every thursday in august... see you in the kitchenxxx