i am a volcano.  i am a leaf floating in the sky, so high - all i see is blue
and white - "fleecy clouds" as he would say and i replied 'i do' and that's where it begins
in the blue and out of the blue and i am not sure if i really love the blues-
oh the reds, the fuschias, the magentas, the deepest rubies glistening from my cheeks 
only to inspire others to find their cheeks 
rub around in some diamonds and let it shine
let it shine so loud that you can hardly hear yourself whine
from the tragedies of past lives and then 
drink the milk off your brow like the tongue of a kitty cat 
allow the nourishing in and create your sparkly den 
why wait for the explosion inside 
just go, go, GO
take that magic carpet ride
unbutton your pants and let your belly lay over your belt buckles  
tatooing your skin every six inches with that belt buckle thing 
creating an open fence around your belly 
or a smile 
allow that fat to rest perfectly
as though it was excepted and trendy 
you almost want to ask how much it costs
so you can make more of that lay over
resting in the truth of that letting go 
finding the regality
the crown around your body that can only hold what you so deeply long for, holding the only thing you can count on, holding love. 

*poem from the sequoia forest, june 2010*