coming home & starting again.

i have been away & i am on my way back. i did not go on an airplane or visit another language. i did not take long naps by the beach or go to exotic dinners. it's been a time of family needs. a time to stop everything & focus on family. i can hear you nodding your heads..."yes, me too, i have been there"... i have missed you, me, these words, the kitchen, the energy of the summer starting & i want to jump in and embrace it all... the only photos i have to share are of my travels since last we connected. it's been a poem of a time (other titles that could work are twlight zone or whirlwind) and this is our life as renaissance mamas... women who do it all, who live life, who make life, who create the nourishment for all to feed & grow, women who have a deep desire to change or shift the world AND women who take care of themselves and nurture others. that's the biggest one for RM: NURTURING YOU to fuel the nourishment of your family. we can only learn this one's a communal effort as it's a new paradigm of truely taking care of oneself and family..we have to support each other in it.

as i am coming through to the other side of this time....i am rediscovering a whole new way with my business of renaissance mamas AND i am coming to your neighborhood!! i am determined to build and create a nurturing culture in america where families know how to cook & eat well, surrounded by beauty, inspired by what's growing locally & empowered with the confidence to know how regardless of the shame, guilt & resistance we have surrounding our daily food culture today. i see a country of people who take back their local farms by supporting their local farmers, demanding good food from the government & taking charge of what they put in the their bodies. i want to empower women to take charge in the kitchen, inspire them to create rustic meals for their families and sate their needs at the same time. there is so much more on this... for now, invite me to your school, your town hall, your kitchen & lets get this conversation going... this renaissance mama is ready to get myself & everybody back on the wagon supporting this piece in all of us. see you in the kitchenxxx

**all photos were captured by my dear friend ingrid moriarty
please check more of her work out at**