seder 2010.

i just wanted to share the sweetness that was in my home last week for passover....this time of unleashing the slavery and beginning again... a gathering of minds, voices & hearts, hearing the stories, eating the matzoh & drinking my fave: the manishevitz... i wish i photographed the meal as it was full of yummy action ;) my sweet friend brought an offering of plague finger puppets to the seder. it was an absolute must that they adorn the cobalt & gold plates. it's all about balance, don't you think? it is always fun to modernize the times & lighten up those plagues...we had a very special table of friends and family join us. i continue to steep in the beauty that was surrounding us as we shared our feelings about the holiday, our inspiration for the rebirth & the journey toward that freedom. see you in the kitchen & thank you for letting me sharexxx