separate & together.

there is a very specific separate togetherness or is it a together separateness that is exuding from these photos of roma tomatoes & cippolini onions on a baking sheet... it just took my breath away and i don't think it's my camera work. there is this exact, nebulous feeling happening right now... it might be the ritual of a new year or the lack of the ritual which keeps happening each year... so it almost makes it a ritual... the chaotic mess that is...trying to do one of these years "right," getting your life together, starting anew, or the massive pressure to open up a new door to something different from your natural ebb & flow... maybe it's just like these tomatoes & onions & olive oil... simple, together & separate... it might just be ok to let it be this way... until the heat hits and changes the dynamic (not a date on the calendar). there is something really special to finding the joy with what is... even if it's separate & together at the same time. i am not supporting stagnation but i most certainly am giving you a hug & saying that you are awesome just the way you are... and if you are not then strike a match and change the beyatchie.

this is how these work.. and they are so incredibly good & simple...i got this idea from the great smitten kitchen......get a pot of water boiling and a medium size bowl of ice to go on the counter next to it... and a slotted spoon or basket spoon frying basket type thing...preheat oven to convection bake or roast (or no convection) on 375. put the onions in the boiling water for a minute... take out with spoon & put on the ice bath..a little blanching to remove the fist layer of skin...and remove that skin....then put on baking sheet with roma's and olive oil...pinch of salt and put in the oven. stir around every 15 minutes...for 45 minutes... yes - 3 times.. when you take it out... let cool a bit.. put in a bowl with all of that amazing oily juice... and you can put on some slices of ciabatta with white beans....or just eat it the way it is... YUM. see you in the kitchenxxx