dover sole.

(get some sweet presh hands to help you take the tops off)

(again...dover sole.. not sea trout ;0)

welcome back! i guess i should be saying that to myself too as it has taken me a week to get on my feet from thanksgiving... i think about you everyday and i just have not been able to get to you... alas here we are again..ahhhhh!... i guess that is the long way of telling you that i missed you! and... i am so excited to share the holidays with you...the savory & the sweets that are coming for all your holiday cheer and inspiration! i am starting december off with dover sole that i continued to call sea trout the entire thanksgiving potluck at ocean's school... as i was going through the photos i am thinking that is not sea trout... it's dover sole! oy... so fish is the easiest thing to cook... i almost can't believe how easy it is....the reason for the dover sole you ask? it's was fresh & locally caught.. from marilyn's truck (hollywood market) the sunday before the potluck & i thought it would be a nice break from the turkey, chicken, squab, cornish hen here we go. cut a nice cube of butter (2 tbs...ish) off the stick and put it in your widest pan on medium....the best one, my absolute favorite pan ever is here. it has been worth every cent and then some... so if you are wondering what to ask for during the holiday season this is a great place to start. allow butter to melt and add fresh sage..let hang out for a minute and then add figs, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds...let all these beauties get to know each other for a few minutes and then add the sole.. 1-2 pieces at a time depending on how big your pan is and then squeeze an orange over for the seeds... the valencia oranges are the juiciest and sweetest if you can get a few. you can put the top on for a few minutes and flip over... they cook fast so don't start a batch of cookies during the process... and yes we will get to some good cookie posts up too! see you in the kitchenxxx