purple & green.

there is so much fancy in nature..... i know you got it: i like fancy....and when you shop (local) at your farmers market or your health food store.. you give yourself the incredible gift & opportunity to expand your veggie repetoire...these purple carrots are gorgeous and they come from my friend alex at weiser family farms...there is nothing like peeling & slicing them...it's as though the sun comes up everytime i see the inside of one, two or twenty...and whoever is coming over to eat...you can pass on the facts that purple carrots do exist to your friends & family... not to mention kids love purple carrots! the cauliflowers come from underwood family farms who have a new set up in hollywood on sundays but they get around...check out their schedule & their cauliflowers....the taste is crisp and pure goodness...the colors are sheer magic. and of course the old brussel sprouts side... it's rare to get organic brussel sprouts because supposedly the afids (msp?) get to them really fast and so they usually look like a moth eaten mini cabbage if they are not picked at the perfect time... if you can get your hands on some and you really don't like them (i am challenging you)...massage these babies with olive oil in a casserole dish...add a bit of salt & roast on 350 for about 20 minutes or more depending on your altitide and your oven. i think you will love it. roasted brussel sprouts are on the up and up on my list... and the other day i added some home made pesto to them created by my amazing neighbor peter and it was a beautiful out of body but so in my body experience. these are all beautiful sides for your thanksgiving table...give yourself the gift of getting your veggies from the hands that picked em'... the farmers markets are popping up everywhere..check here for your local stop...see you in the kitchenxxx