your a peach. (not for long)

we have a few more weeks before all the stone fruit take a deep rest until next summer... so to kick off the good-bye celebration i wanted to share this honey caramel peach pie... oh yeah, you feel word: divine (and if there was another word allowed it would be oh so sweet)...from 'X'ing the peaches tooshies to putting them in boiling water for a minute to ice cubes then to waxing their thin fuzzy skins off...(people pay a lot of money for this same kind of thing to happen to them with fancier words for the procedures) they call this blanching in the could have also passed as korean spa for peaches.....anyway, analogies aside...then you slice all 3 lb. of them (about 7) & they hang out together in a bowl of corn starch, lemon juice, cinnamon, flour & can find the entire recipe here. it comes out of gourmet magazine which is an awesome resource for inspiring & exciting recipes coming out of their test kitchen on a weekly basis. i will be posting a few farewell posts to those gorgeous fruits & veggies that are leaving us in the next few weeks...big love & see you in the kitchenxxx