HALLELUJAH!!! look at what a beautiful summer it is already!!! the figs, squash blossoms, all the stone fruit, the lavender... i am so overwhelmed with gratitude for all of these amazing alive foods!!! i have been cooking up a storm with lavender...sage...dill... and all together roasting veggies and some stone fruit in there.. a white nectarine... or chard with figs... try sprinkling some pistachio nuts or pine nuts... and you have a fancy, local, summer fiesta.... the wooden spoons are an homage to my kitchen...if you have a little space in your kitchen... maybe the space behind your sink or somehwere that is lifted above the counter if possible... put some things there you love & begin your's your space begin to honor it....

RM idea:
summer a clear vase or a big ball jar....(or go buy something you love) add water, some ice, mint leaves or basil leaves, whole strawberries...leave out with some sweet juice glasses...don't wait to get to the spa to experience some cozy love in your own kitchen. more to come... see you soonxxx