loving the basic sides that create the full circle of the meal. this is where something ordinary can be incredible, simple & replicated by friends...which is the highest of we have sauteed wax beans with some herbs.. maybe dill & olive oil...sauteed cauliflower that is so amazing... and basic. carmelize the leeks, little onions or shallots (whatever you love) with olive oil & sage & any other herbs you prefer... really let the onions steep in the oil on medium.. then add the cauliflower... & a little water.. on a bit higher.. watch it while it steams and sautees at the same time.. then we have some fried okra that included an egg, some matzo meal & flour... oven roasted brussel sprouts & sauteed rappini... and then the last colorful blast above is a warm rainbow chard salad (sauteed with carmelized onions, leeks, sage), golden beets & pine nuts...hope this inspires you and your sides....see you soonxxx